Wild Honey

Wild Honey is reminiscent of a local hipster coffee shop replete with deep sofa-chairs and the latest trendy design magazines for your perusal.  Their specialty is serving breakfast items from around the world all-day.  While the food may not be mind-blowing fantastic or truly “authentic”, the dishes that we’ve tried so far have mostly been satisfying.  The one big drawback is due to the cafe’s relative size, it gets packed early.  By 10am on the weekends, expect at least a 20 min wait.

Ordering is done at the counter, and as a nod to current trends, the menu is available for browsing via iPad.  Service is efficient, and the hosts are welcoming and courteous.  Food highlights include the Tunisian, a spicy tomato-y stew with chorizo and the European, essentially an elegant eggs benedict.  The one dish to avoid though is the Canadian- for some reason the pancakes here are atrocious.  They should never be baked.  Canadians would never do that to their flapjacks.

While the dishes are a bit pricey ($14-18) for what amounts to a light meal, on a slow day (if that happens there), I could forgive the admission price just to linger over a cup of coffee and a good book.


Wild Honey
Mandarin Gallery #03-02
+65 6235 3900

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