See You Soon!

Dear Baby C,

Today we’re going to start the process of inducing you out. I’m really nervous because I’ve heard a number of horror stories about induced labor often leading to emergency C-section or just being plain painful. Some induced labor take as many as two to three days! I’d also much rather have had you choose when you want to come out like Baby N.

Please help me to be strong and to work hard with mommy to get you out safely ok? I’d like for you to come out tomorrow morning or early afternoon. It’s silly, I know. But I checked out the Chinese calendar and since you refuse to choose your own birthday (no contractions for mommy even in week 39!), I thought it would be nice if you could go along with my preferred date and time.

See you soon!


2 thoughts on “See You Soon!

  1. I love the “checking Chinese calendar” part!! Gary did the same thing!!
    The 1st time, when I was pushing Stanley out, he asked me to try to finish pushing before 7PM coz 八字 is better……unfortunately, Stanley didn’t want to follow his dad’s order.
    The 2nd time was when we know Felicia was breech and C-section was unavoidable. The first thing Gary did was checking Chinese calendar. However, Felicia decided to choose when she wanted to come =D
    Well…Hope everything goes smoothly for you and baby C! Can’t wait to hear good news from you! Good Luck!

  2. Cathy, I can totally see Gary doing that. hahaha… We’ll see if mine has his own ideas. It may be a blessing in disguise cos you now have a disclaimer for your kids if they bump into unexpected difficulties in life in the future (after all, life is unpredictable and some road bumps in life are to be expected) – they chose their own birth time. hehe

    Did I mention that Joey Yap predicted that my firstborn would be a girl? I take these stuff with a larger pinch of salt these days. =D

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