Introducing Cayden, the newest member of the family, who was delivered after 22 hours of induced labor followed by an emergency Caesarean. ┬áBoth mommy and baby are recovering nicely, though the lack of operating instructions has daddy perplexed. ┬áThankfully, the nice nurses have been patiently educating us on what to do…

2 thoughts on “Hajimemashite

  1. I can imagine everything’s madness for you but just want to say CONGRATS, Cayden is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Like you, I had an emergency c-section too. Let me know any time if you wanna do a playdate or just to chat online :)

    • Sorry it took so long to reply. Things have been a lil bit crazy with recovering and settling back home. Will definitely take you up on your offer of a playdate after my confinement period. I’ll drop you an email and swap contact info. It would be great to chat online sometime! Thanks!

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