Capricci serves up an amazingly succulent and tender 1.2 kg prime rib á la florentine that you can cut with a butter knife (which they provide for this dish).  But this isn’t the only reason to bring a group of friends to this cosy yet upscale eatery.  Upon entering, you are likely to be warmly welcomed by the owner, Massimo, while Chef Luca personally takes your order, just a touch of traditional Italian hospitality.  Likewise, the staff here have also been well-trained and are efficient and friendly.  Finishing up the trifecta of reasons to visit is the very reasonable pricing for the meal offered.

While you can order a la carte, letting Chef Luca select dishes for degustation is the way to go.  For our group of four, the chef deftly worked around the dietary requirements of pregnant G and dairy-intolerant cousin L to prepare a memorable meal.   Our starters were a duo of tartare – John Dee beef with truffle oil and parmesan over arugula and orange perfumed tuna with avocado puree.  The beef tartare was quite well done in that there wasn’t any need for heavy spices, letting the natural flavor of the meat play a leading role.  G received instead a subtly flavored parma ham (aged 36 months) with rock melon sorbet and an asparagus souffle.

Our second course was a lemon zest risotto with Spanish cherry wine reduction and seared scallop paired with a homemade fettuccine with slow braised lamb shank.  Both risotto and fettuccine were nicely cooked al dente.  Of note was the risotto.  The tangy and slight bitterness of the zest combined wonderfully with the sweetness of the cherry wine.  This flavor combination I can still taste  and hope to try in the kitchen.

For our main, the four of us shared the prime rib á la florentine. So juicy was the meat that notorious sauce-hog G actually felt that the beef was good without.

By dessert, we were all quite full.  Still, we made room for a sampler of airy orange panna cotta, white chocolate mouse with maraschino cherries, and a heavenly tiramisu.  L elected to additionally try the semi-fredo of hazelnut and coconut, that was wonderfully soft and crunchy.

At $88 per person for degustation, Capricci serves up an upscale traditional Italian meal at a very reasonable price.  Add to this the service and hospitality experience, and you have a must-visit.  Fun fact, the restaurant now occupies the same location that were the birth places of Oso and Au Petit Salut.  With luck, Capricci will also see similar success.


27 Tanjong Pagar Road
+65 6221 6761 ‎

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