Brasserie Les Saveurs

The last time we dined at the space that is now Brasserie Les Saveurs, it was still the trés upscale dinner buffet at the St. Regis.  Now, this former all-you-can eat shrine for gastronomes has been reinvented as a classic French restaurant.  While not the most exciting culinarily-wise, it’s a solid choice for a date night or a special occasion.  This particular evening, it was S & L’s anniversary, and they invited a group of us along to help celebrate.   Overall the food was not too bad, with the highlights being a made-to-order steak tartare, dessert, and the Michael Buble-esque lounge singer that kept us well-crooned all evening.

Normally I would continue the post with some background about the restaurant, chef, or heck the flatware, but having a 2 week old son, new job, and a backlog of pre-fatherhood posts makes it difficult to find the time to add some color to this review.  Also, since there is a bit of a “hotel” feel to this restaurant that just screams lack of character, I’ll save my musings for another time.  Instead, you can enjoy some brief dish highlights and “food porn”.

The appetizers and amuse bouche were aesthetically pleasing but otherwise unremarkable.  There’s only so many ways one can be surprised by a lobster bisque or Iberico ham.

The steak that G ordered was cooked to perfection, otherwise the rest of the party’s meals were generally adequate.  I forget what they ordered, because honestly they weren’t very memorable.  Everyone at dinner (including myself of course) agreed that the steak tartare was the best offering of the night.

This may be the best tartare in town, because it’s made to order at your table.  If you know exactly what you want then of course the dish will come out to your specifications.  In my case, I just asked for whatever was their “typical” recipe, which was a remarkably tasty blend of spiciness, dill sourness, and very fresh and tender beef.  The incredibly crispy and delicious fries made this dish that much better.

The cheese and desserts at Les Saveurs were definitely the highlights of the meal.  Just about everyone’s dessert was enjoyable and well composed.  I’m biased towards the selection of Hervé Mons cheeses, which ranked right up there with the cheese selection at Restaurant Andre (ala Bernard Antony)

In summary, the savory dishes (with the exception of the must-try again tartare) were passable but nothing spectacular.  The desserts were enjoyable, especially the cheese selection.  Ambiance is, well… St Regis style.  This isn’t a place for a truly creative night out, but with the lounge singer in the background and neutral upscale decor, it’s not a bad choice either for a relaxed evening.


Brasserie Les Saveurs
29 Tanglin Road, The St Regis
+65 6506 6888

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